Authors from the UK

AB Discovery has been blessed with several authors from the United Kingdom. In these books we read of nappies, dummies and mummies. Babies sleep in a cot and ‘colour’ has a ‘u’ in it. But being an Adult Baby in the UK or Australia is the same as elsewhere – even if the words we use may be different.

Our first author from the UK was Evelyn Hughes, mummy to a sissy baby and author of the acclaimed book: Diaper Discipline and Dominance, also published as Nappy Discipline and Dominance. She is also working on her new book – Sissy Babies – the Ultimate Submissive.

Our next UK author was Forrest Grant who wrote the unusual book, The Joy of Bedwetting and recently followed it up with his first novel – Overlapping Stains. He is now writing his first-person true story – Growing up as a Bedwetter. Having lived in Australia and England, Forrest has also collected 4200 photos of wet beds and mattresses to complement his book and his deep interest in unprotected bedwetting.

Ben Ingram approached us to publish his wonderful story of growing up in England in the 60s and 70s with a fascination and deep interest in nappies – cloth nappies and plastic pants. He has produced a 60,000 word illustrated book – Fear and Joy: A life in and out of nappies – detailing his journey, which has been enjoyed by many people.

Our most recent UK writer to publish with us is Ben Panthen. He has published ten books already with us – ABDL novels full of nappies, plastic pants and baby bottles, not to mention dummies and cots.