Diaper/Nappy Dominance and Discipline

This amazing 16,000 word book is intended as a primer for those who wish to implement diaper discipline and dominance into their relationship. You don’t need experience or even to be wearing diapers yet. This is a guide for serious people about a serious journey into upending the way we traditionally operate our relationships by involving diapers and changing the way we look at adult behaviour and discipline.

Evelyn can be contacted at eviepuppet@gmail.com

AB Discovery welcomes new author, Evelyn Hughes to the fold.

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If so, this book is also available as ‘Nappy Discipline and Dominance‘. Click here to see it in Kindle or Paperback versions.

Buy Now Button Nappy Discipline and Dominance (PDF): $US7.90

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What are people saying about this book?

“If only I had found someone to use this technique on me the results would have been amazing. While I am not a dominant and am an adult baby sissy girl this book hit home in several points.”

“My wife bought this without telling me and she has surprised me by actually trying out some of the things in it. I never thought she would ever do anything and I didn’t know what to tell her to do either. Thanks for a book that explains it.”

“I wet the bed and together we used this and the ideas to do some nappy stuff together.”

“I’m single so sadly no one to dominate me, but if I meet anyone I will make sure they accidentally ‘find’ this book”