Forrest’s/Florence’s Wet Beds

Dr Donald Winnicott: “If by bed-wetting the child is making an effective protest against strict management, sticking up for the rights of the individual, so to speak, then the symptom is not an illness; rather it is a sign that the child still hopes to keep the individuality which has been in some way threatened.’

Forrest’s 6000+ Wet Bed Photo Collection 


Forrest (now known as Florence) has also made available her extraordinary collection of 6221 (and growing!) pictures of wet beds, wet mattresses, futons and bedwetters themselves (no children!). If you buy this (if you previously bought this collection, email us)  you will get all the updated pictures as they are produced so you will be kept up to date with this growing collection.

This collection is currently 4.7Gb and growing frequently. You will receive an email with the links to 9 separate download files.

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forrests wet beds

The downloadable collection of 6221 bedwetting pictures – both her own and hundreds of other people, is available now. Once payment is received, you will receive an email with links to download this extraordinary collection.

Forrest’s/Florence’s Wet Bed Collection $US9.50

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Do you have any wet beds photos of your own that you would like to add to the collection? Maybe you would like to see YOUR wet bed displayed on this site or like in the photo below. If so, you can email them to

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forrests wet beds

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The full set of 9 Forrest Grant books + pic set is available as a set:

Forrest Grant – Diaper Version  (PDF, EPUB & MOBI) $39.90

Forrest Grant – Nappy Version  (PDF, EPUB & MOBI) $39.90