Infantile Regression: Nature’s Time Travel

It is a long-standing wish of many people to travel through time for a wide variety of reasons. It is, however, a wish doomed to be denied. But with infantile regression, we do get to at times experience a form of time travel where we move to a place – and time – where our perceptions, our feelings and emotions can mirror that of a much younger age, a time when we were real babies or toddlers. We can experience a form of time travel, if you will. There is no flux capacitor involved, just our own mental state which takes us partway back in time.

This session discusses Psychological Regression, a controversial concept for some psychologists, but a regular experience for many Adult Babies. We also discuss the theory and the practice of regression. We discuss the various ways in which it manifests and what are its triggers. We even take a bit of a journey into its beginnings – what caused it to happen in the first place. And we dig into the reason the diaper holds such central place in the experience of all regressive adult babies.

This session contains two videos totalling 61 minutes, a set of Powerpoint formatted notes along with JPGs of the powerpoints themselves and a 34 page in-depth text. Just $9.95 gives you all of this to download and listen to time and time again.

Regression is a significant driver of diaper wearing and an integral part of life for Adult Babies.

Join us in this session as we delve into the mystery that many of us already know and experience, but others can only wonder and conjecture about.

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Check out a three page sample of the notes that accompany this  video…