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Beau Tauxe:

As you no doubt have deduced, Beau Tauxe is a pen name. (Pronounced like boh as in bow and arrow and tox like box) This nom de plume was picked as a play on words, being a bit bashful about using my real name with the subject matter at hand.

Briefly, I am an ordinary person with an extraordinarily vivid imagination. I thought I was quite different until the Internet came into being and revealed that not to be the case but definitely in the minority.

These stories are written about unusual circumstances, sometimes with SciFi elements, but always with kinky themes. There are a few dozen stories that have been written over the last 20 years. They are being revised and edited into ebook format as time permits. There are short stories, longer ones, several with a common world, and even sequels.

Hailing from middle America, there were no tragic or traumatic events to account for these stories other than the love of SciFi and kink.

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