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Barry Oliver is an American author who writes in the science fiction & fantasy genre, usually about subjects involving physical age regression.  He tends to create complex characters placed in scenarios that often address issues other than age regression or diaper wearing.  Barry is active in the Furry/Babyfur community.  For those unfamiliar with that term, a “Furry” is someone who appreciates anthropomorphic animal themes: either artwork, literature, costuming (called Fursuiting), or simply associating with people who call themselves “Furries.”  Barry has also been a lifelong ABDL, and like many, his interest began in childhood.  Without revealing his age, Barry hails from the pre-internet days when many ABDLs thought they were truly alone.  

Outside the Furry and ABDL communities, Barry has a degree in physics, and enjoys sprinkling tidbits of science throughout some of his novels (look for references to quarks and String Theory).  Barry has served in the military and now works in the medical field providing services to people with disabilities.  Barry enjoys biking and swimming in his free time, and he has a dog (a yellow Labrador) who provides inspiration (but mostly distraction) for some of his characters.

All of Barry Oliver’s Books

Becoming a REAL baby! the Virtual Reality Regression


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