AB Discovery has a number of compendiums of three books together to make it both cheaper and easier for you to purchase. They are available on Amazon.

who wants baby again

A compendium of three Ben Pathen Books:

The Hypnotist

Mummys’ Diary

A Brother for Samantha

Available in either ‘diaper’ or ‘nappy’ versions.

bedwetters compendium

This compendium contains the classic pro-bedwetting books:

The Joy of Bedwetting as well as the two novels,

Overlapping Stains

The Babies and Bedwetters or Baker St.

growing up sissy baby

This compendium contains three amazing true-life stories of boys growing up knowing they were also baby girls.


Australian Baby: a life of nappies, bottles and struggles

Me, Myself, Christine

Living with Chrissie


adult baby identty collection

This compendium includes the three major books comprising Dylan Lewis’ The Adult Baby Identity collection.

The Adult Baby Identity: Coming out as an AB

The Adult Baby Identity: Healing Childhood Wounds

The Adult Baby Identity: A Self-help Guide