The Difficult Boarder

Emily MacPherson is an old-school woman who believes in obedience, politeness and good old-fashioned behaviour. But, she is not a woman in her 80’s harking back to a time long gone. Rather, she is mid 40s, single and well-off.

Xander is a young man with bad manners, bad language and bad behaviour. He also wets the bed without any care for the consequences. And he needs a place to stay after being booted out by his former flatmates.

Enter Emily and her spare room.

Xander is a classic ‘difficult boarder’ who answers Emily’s advertisement for a room-to-rent.

Emily does not need the money. She needs the challenge. She has the paddles, diapers, pacifier, baby clothes and everything she needs to meet the challenge of her next…

Difficult Boarder.

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by the author of Diaper Discipline and Dominance 

difficult boarder

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difficult boarder

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