Overlapping Stains

Forrest Grant – author of The Joy of Bedwetting – brings us his first novel in the trilogy – Overlapping Stains: A Bedwetting Novel.

This remarkable book is the story of a long-term adult bedwetter, Richard, who rents a room from Alice. But Alice is not anti-bedwetting at all! In fact, for reasons yet to be discovered, she encourages his bedwetting and has a seemingly inexhaustible tolerance for wet sheets and clothing.

Richard’s terrible childhood full of wet beds, spanking and panties is the source of much of his trouble, but also leads to more panties and bras, more spanking and the hint of diapers and adult baby behaviour to come.

And when Bronwyn moves in at the end of the book, what will happen? She is a bedwetter too with her own history. And she wears diapers.

What is Alice’s back story? How is she so tolerant of wet beds, panty wearing and more?

Read on to find out!

Contains 45 full-colour photographs associated with the story in all versions. The paperback is printed in full colour to do justice to them.

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Nappy Version

Diaper Version

 Overlapping Stains: A Bedwetting Novel (PDF, EPUB & MOBI): $US4.90

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Overlapping Stains: A Bedwetting Novel (AUDIOBOOK): $US4.90

Overlapping Stains: A Bedwetting Novel (PDF/EPUB/MOBI/AUDIOBOOK): $US7.90

 The Undiapered Bedwetter: A Bedwetting Novel (PDF, EPUB & MOBI): $US4.90

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The Undiapered Bedwetter: A Bedwetting Novel (AUDIOBOOK): $US4.90

The Undiapered Bedwetter: A Bedwetting Novel (PDF/ EPUB/ MOBI/ AUDIOBOOK): $US7.90

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What are people saying about this book?

** “I am an adult baby but also a life-long bedwetter. Unlike many, I did not grow up hating my wet sheets or my wet nappies. For reasons that are difficult to understand, bedwetting is something I actually find refreshing and exhilarating allowing me to write from a different perspective on this issue.
** “Eagerly awaiting book 2! Can’t wait to see what happens when 2 bedwetters get together, will they find true love or just sex?”
** “I absolutely loved this book! It was so hot and so amazing. Can’t want for book 2.”

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