Overlapping Stains

Forrest Grant – author of The Joy of Bedwetting – brings us his first novel – Overlapping Stains: A Bedwetting Novel.

The cover alone gives a clue to the novel’s principal story.

Richard is a bedwetter and has been for twenty-two years. Seeking to rent a room from someone who will be tolerant of his nightly bedwetting, leads him to Alice, a middle-aged woman with a smile and a seemingly inexhaustible tolerance for soaked sheets.

But Richard has many problems and issues stemming from the early death of his mother and his lack of friends. He was struggling with many things and now, his bedwetting was open and significant.

Would Alice help him cope? Would he discover more about himself? And would he ever stop wetting his bed every night?

Read on to find out!

Contains 45 full-colour photographs associated with the story in all versions. The paperback is printed in full colour to do justice to them.

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