The Bedwetting Competition

** NOW FINISHED.  The overall winner was Angela Tinycock

Yes folks, AB Discovery in conjunction with Mommy Lillith are running our first Bedwetting competition for all you bedwetters and ABDLs out there!

Firstly, let us define ‘bedwetting’ in terms of this competition. We mean going diaperless to bed and wetting the sheets. Your bedwetting can be accidental or deliberate. It doesn’t matter. Then you submit a photo of your wet bed to us and we will post it on our website. The Competition runs for the month of April.

Click HERE to see the submissions so far.


Yes, there have to be rules, of course:

  1. This is strictly 18+ no exceptions
  2. It has to be YOUR wet bed, not a photo from the internet (we will know!)
  3. The wet bed must have been within the last seven days
  4. You may be visible in your photo but the majority of the wet bed must be seen
  5. Wet mattress photos are very welcome if you do not use protection, but are ineligible for prizes
  6. You may send as many photos per day/wet bed but only one will be posted
  7. All photos will be added to Forrest Grant’s wet bed collection
  8. Wide shots of your nursery/bedroom are appreciated.


We have four categories in the competition:

  1. Basic wet bed – first, second or third night on the same sheets
  2. Extended wet bed – 5+ nights in the same sheets
  3. Couple’s wet bed (you will need to show evidence that you are a real couple, sorry!)


There will be weekly prizes for the best wet bed photo in each category. This will be a choice of three AB Discovery books and a Bedwetting Hypnosis MP3.

At the end of the comp there will be the major prize of 15 AB Discovery books (your choice) and a custom hypnosis MP3 (30 mins) from Mommy Lillith.


It is very simple to enter. Just email us at and let us know you are interested. Then you can submit your photos as often as you want starting April 1. We need to identify your photos on the site, so either supply a pseudonym to be published or allow us to publish your email address.

A separate web page will be created showing all submissions.

Remember to follow @rosaliebent10 and @abmommylillith on twitter where we will be posting updates and comments.