Publish your book with us

Writing your own ABDL/LG or related book is a challenge all in its own right. Be it a collection of short stories, a novella or a full-length novel, writing a book is no small feat and usually needs some assistance for early writers. If you are interested in writing your book, contact us for some advice and even some help and let’s get your words and ideas down on paper.

But what if you’ve already written your book and now want to get it into the hands of voracious, diaper-wearing readers? That is also a hard thing to do. According to Amazon, 90% of self-published books sell less than 100 copies and if that is bad enough, the detailed fact is that 95% sell less than 20 copies. Marketing your book is a huge task and not necessarily the easiest thing to do for authors.

If you are thinking of publishing your book, consider doing so through AB Discovery. We provide cover creation, full editing and layout as well as the ability to market your published works to our large audience.

If you are interested in any of this, contact Michael Bent – Senior Editor at AB Discovery to see what we can do for you. Email at