A Brother for Samantha

Edward’s world has fallen apart.

Marriage failed. House lost. Career in deep trouble. Now he has to find a place to live while rebuilding his shattered life. That is when he rents a room in the household of the old-fashioned Mrs King.

Mrs King has a daughter – Samantha – with some deep developmental issues who at age 21, still lives in the world of a five-year-old. Can Edward be of any help and if so, how?

This wonderful AB/DL story is full of fun and enjoyment as Edward discovers who he really is inside as he becomes a ‘Brother for Samantha’.

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A Brother for Samantha (PDF): $US5.25 $US3.90

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** And now, for our North American readers, this book has been released in a ‘diaper version’ replacing the words ‘nappies, mummy, dummy and cot’ with ‘diapers, mommy, pacifier and crib’. Samantha’s New Brother

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Samantha’s New Brother (PDF): $US5.25 $US3.90

Also available At

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What are people saying about this book?

** “I could get into this story. I could see it in my head.
** “It’s a story that couldn’t possibly be real, but I found myself wishing it were.”
** “Keep this type of story coming!! Wish there would have been ones like this years ago.”


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