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Beginnings of ABDL Survey Diapers and ABDL Life (558 responses)
Beginnings of ABDL Survey The Beginnings of ABDL (904 responses)
COVID19 Survey COVID19 and its effects on ABDLs during lockdown (578 responses)
CLICK_HERE What are your thoughts on ABDL books? (357 responses)
CLICK_HERE ABDL Hopes, Dreams and Ambitions (2,050 responses)
CLICK_HERE Experiences as a Teen Baby (2,098 responses)
CLICK_HERE  Adult Babies and Bedwetting (8,827 responses)
CLICK_HERE  How do you feel about being a Regressive Adult Baby? (1,587 responses)
CLICK_HERE  Relationships and ABDL (980 responses)

**CLOSED** Adult Baby Survey 1 (4,468 responses)


surveysSurvey Results are now available for all surveys! (UPDATED RESULTS September 2020)


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