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Beginnings of ABDL Survey ** NEW ** Diapers and ABDL Life (449 responses)
Beginnings of ABDL Survey The Beginnings of ABDL (751 responses)
COVID19 Survey COVID19 and its effects on ABDLs during lockdown (537 responses)
CLICK_HERE What are your thoughts on ABDL books? (343 responses)
CLICK_HERE ABDL Hopes, Dreams and Ambitions (1,913 responses)
CLICK_HERE Experiences as a Teen Baby (2,074 responses)
CLICK_HERE  Adult Babies and Bedwetting (8,485 responses)
CLICK_HERE  How do you feel about being a Regressive Adult Baby? (1,543 responses)
CLICK_HERE  Relationships and ABDL (946 responses)

**CLOSED** Adult Baby Survey 1 (4,440 responses)


surveysSurvey Results are now available for all surveys! (UPDATED RESULTS September 2020)


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