We have NINE surveys you might want to participate in:

Beginnings of ABDL Survey Diapers and ABDL Life (2,308 responses)
Beginnings of ABDL Survey The Beginnings of ABDL (4,650 responses)
COVID19 Survey COVID19 and its effects on ABDLs during lockdown (867 responses)
CLICK_HERE What are your thoughts on ABDL books? (475 responses)
CLICK_HERE ABDL Hopes, Dreams and Ambitions (2,867 responses)
CLICK_HERE Experiences as a Teen Baby (2,377 responses)
CLICK_HERE  Adult Babies and Bedwetting (10,813 responses)
CLICK_HERE  How do you feel about being a Regressive Adult Baby? (1,975 responses)
CLICK_HERE  Relationships and ABDL (1,267 responses)

**CLOSED** Adult Baby Survey 1 (4,674 responses)


surveysSurvey Results are now available for all surveys! (UPDATED RESULTS September 2021)


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One thought on “Surveys

  1. kevin March 25, 2015 / 1:26 pm

    Hey there I hope by answering the surgery I help with your research and you are able to keep writing and helping ever one out. I was just thinking though I think it be cool of we could get a copy of out answers at the end to show our loved ones to see if it helps them better understand us. I struggle with this side of me intensely and my wife does everything she can to help I think it be cool if I could show her what i said and maybe it help her and I get closer. Maybe its something everyone could use. Just a idea though 🙂

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