About us

AB Discovery is the result of years of experience and research into the lives of regressive Adult Babies.

It can be quite a difficult experience for many whose regression is strong and only gets stronger as the years go by. What we do on this site is to provide step-by-step sessions into understanding who you are as an Adult Baby and to help your partner or family to know who you are as well. It is only once we know more about ourselves that we can master the internal struggles. We also provide a suite of fiction and non-fiction ABDL books for you to read and enjoy.

The good news is that Adult Babies need no longer struggle and falter as they try hard to handle the oft-times very powerful drive to regress to infancy. And there is now someone who can help you find your way both on your own and with others.

There is nothing intrinsically wrong with being an adult baby, but there are certain difficulties and traps involved. We are here to help you on a journey to balance and peace as you seek to enjoy the very special person you are with the other special people in your life.

To the journey…