Bypassing Amazon

I think we can all agree that Jeff Bezos – owner of Amazon – does not need any more money. For obvious reasons, AB Discovery publishes all of our books on Amazon because they command 90% of all eBook sales. But they can also be difficult to deal with and multiple authors and publishers – like ours – sometimes struggle to jump through their hoops. You will have noticed that some of our titles take time to get published while we deal with an often incoherent support system and a number never make it to publication at all.

We have also had a number of emails from readers who object to giving Bezos any more money considering how he treats his staff. Most of our titles are available on multiple other sites but there is certainly something ‘special’ about the Kindle app or device. Let’s be honest, it is a good app and the vast majority of eBook readers use it. But you can use the Kindle app without having to give your dollars to Amazon.

AB Discovery now provides all of its books in .MOBI format (the internal Kindle format) as well as its usual PDF & EPUB formats. With this .MOBI file, you can rather easily email it to your Kindle device/app and it will appear like any other book in your library.

If you want to use these .MOBI files we have a set of instructions on how to use them. Click HERE to learn how to do this.