The Bedwetting Collection

As a powerful and popular subset of ABDL life and experience, AB Discovery has put together a collection of bedwetting-related books and material. All of this is pro-bedwetting and none of it is negative. Come and see what is available to support YOUR bedwetting.

NOTE that The Undiapered Bedwetter is the diaper version of Overlapping Stains and Diapers Bedwetters and Babies is the diaper version of The Babies and Bedwetters of Baker St

Normally $25, you can buy the five books and the Wet Bed Collection for just $15. (We send both nappy and diaper versions of the books as part of the collection)

Living the dream and wetting the bed Richard moves to a pro-bedwetting home Diaper version of Overlapping Stains Second book in Overlapping Stains Trilogy Diaper version of Babies and Bedwetters Downloadable collection of 4300+ wet beds

Buy Now Button The Bedwetting Collection (PDF): $US15.00

There are four more books underway which will fit in our Bedwetting Collection when they are published. Keep a lookout for them!

Forrest's life as a heavy bedwetter Time travel, serial murder and 5 bedwetters! Where do you go as a teen bedwetter? Mildreds! Travelling the world one wet bed at a time