Custom-written Books – just for you

When you read an ABDL story, do you try and put yourself in the place of one or more of the characters? Most of us do. But is it sometimes frustrating when the story is *similar* to what you want but not quite there? Do you wish you could have a well-written and believable story that is everything you want and includes you right there in the middle?

You can!

AB Discovery has a number of very skilled writers who apart from writing their own books, also pen custom stories ranging from 10K to 35K+ words for ABs who want something ‘just right’. Some have created a full-length novel by getting their book in three parts.

Would you like to read the first chapter of one such story? Madeline Wood penned this multi-chapter story for Alison, a secret AB woman who wanted *her* story to be written. Click the book cover below to read…

The Ticking of the Clock


If you want a story ‘just for you’ contact us at and we can talk about what you want and need. How much does it cost? For a 5K-6K word book, it costs $110. 1oK-12K word is $225 and longer stories are priced accordingly.

Listen to what one customer has to say about his own custom book:

“I absolutely loved what Forrest [Grant] wrote for me. I stayed up late to read it and it was exactly what I wanted. To read my own character in a situation I have longed for such a long time was the best thing to happen in months. I feel like I am more of a baby from having read it. I am already designing my next adventure story in nappies!”