The Fulltime Adult Infant

Maggie Joyce married Charlie, an Adult Baby, with eyes wide open, back in the 1980s when ABs were scarcely heard of and not at all understood. Over many years, Charlie became more and more of a baby and unlike most ABs, did not find a bottom to his infantile needs. Eventually, Charlie became a fulltime, adult infant with no significant adult behaviour left.

This is a rarity, but it is not unknown. Maggie speaks from her many years of experience with a full infant and shares both her story and the advice of others who also have a complete infant and offers guidance to those who may be facing a similar situation or something approaching it.

Most people – AB and non-AB alike – would recoil from the mere suggestion of a total return to infancy. For some, it is an appealing fantasy, but for others, it is a destination they crave, need and occasionally, arrive at.

This book is part narrative of their journey and part guide-book for those entering that most extraordinary and most challenging experience: The Fulltime Adult Infant

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