A Baby for Melissa and Her Mother

Melissa wants a baby.

Not that this is unusual for a young woman, And her mother wanted a grandchild – also not unusual. But there was an important issue… and his name was Thomas.

Years earlier, the handsome – if short – Thomas resisted the romantic overtures of Melissa and a woman spurned is… a problem.

Melissa had hoped that Thomas would give her a baby in the more traditional method, but she had been rejected. Together, Melissa and her mother decided that they would indeed have a baby and grandchild. And Thomas would be involved, regardless.

But not as anyone would have guessed.

Thomas himself, was going to be the baby – nappies and all.

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A baby for melissa and her mother

A Baby for Melissa and Her Mother (PDF): $US4.25

Also available At

And now, you can get this book in a ‘diaper’ version where the British words such as ‘nappy’, ‘dummy’ and ‘mummy’ replaced with North American words.

Melissa and her Mother find a Baby

Melissa and her Mother find a Baby (PDF): $US4.25

Also available at:

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