The Joy of Bedwetting

Bedwetting is a curse for some, probably most. However, there are some who find bedwetting something they enjoy and/or wish to achieve. Diapers, wet sheets or however they choose to express their individuality through wetting the bed.

Forrest Grant’s book explores how to become a bedwetter, how to enjoy it and how to be proud of it. It explains how common bedwetting is for adults, teens and children and how it is not something to be ashamed of and indeed, quite the contrary. It shows you how others wet their beds and how they are proud of it and how you can be as well.

One purchaser’s review: “Brilliant little book I can relate to so much of it. A great read for Past, Present and future bedwetters.”

The book is now available in PDF and on Amazon in KINDLE or PRINT FORM.  The printed book is in full colour so that the pictures of wet beds etc will reproduce faithfully. Also available at LULU.COM and the Apple Book Store plus SMASHWORDS. If you want the EPUB version, just let us know.

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Forrests’s Wet Bed Photo Collection


Forrest has also made available his extraordinary collection of 3707 pictures of wet beds, wet mattresses and bedwetters themselves (no children!).


The downloadable collection of 3707 bedwetting pictures – both his own and hundreds of other people, is available now. If you are unsure, download this free sample of 30 wet bed photos here to check it out!

**A new volume of 111 additional pictures has just been added!

** NOW 3818 pictures!!!! 

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Do you wish to contribute to Forrest's Wet Bed collection?
For a short time only, we are seeking contributions of YOUR personal wet bed pictures to add to the current collection. If you contribute ten or more, we will send you The Joy of Bedwetting for free! In 90 days we will be choosing 20+ of the best wet beds to add to the book as part of an index that hundreds of other people will get to see when they buy the updated book! Email us at with your contribution!