The Joy of Bedwetting

Every now and then there is a book that is so different, so remarkable that it stands out from the crowd. This is such a book.

The Joy of Bedwetting is a loving and irreverent trip into the world of the bedwetter and those who do so by choice and for pleasure. Not the guilt-trip and depths of shame for these bedwetters!  These are those who relish the pleasure, the sight and smells of the soaked bed and mattress and who are proud of it.

Touching on topics such as real statistics of the incredible frequency of bedwetting in teens and adults, it also offers helpful hints and suggestions on reverting back to that most childish state of night-time experience: uncontrolled bedwetting.

Be Proud. Be Wet.

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What are people saying about this book?

** “Life long bedwetter, it was worth reading”
** “What a fabulous and funny book. I know it wasn’t meant to be, but I loved it.”
** “It was nice to read a book that felt like it understood my feelings about bedwetting. Well done!” 

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