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* NEW Authenticity (audio) – Rosalie Bent
* NEW Personal Validation (audio) – Michael Bent

Downloadable Articles
This is the current list of downloadable articles on Adult Baby issues – all are in English, some are in French and some are in Spanish, Dutch or German. 
A French language collection of articles is available here for free.

The Problems with Publishing ABDL books
The Drive for Authenticity in the Adult Baby
ABDL – trees and forests
Babying an Adult Baby is an act of intimacy
The Adult Infant Identity
Are all men babies?
The Journey of Self-acceptance
The Baby-Diaper Equivalency Theorem
The Incontinence Validation Hypothesis
Binge and Purge: The ABDL Frustration
Writing your own personal story
To label or not, that is the question…”
The Identity Conflicts of the Adult Baby
Diapers: The Natural Alternative to Toilets?
A Christian Response to being an Adult Baby
Nurturing and the Adult Baby
ABDLs – regression or second self?
Becoming an AB – a journey of pain and suffering
My Life as a Sissy Bedwetter
Going 24/7: Embracing the Inner Baby for life

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