Books and articles are of immense importance to us as human beings. Some still call for ‘certain’ books to be banned and so this article, is worth reading. You may recognise some of the people in this article. Some you will even find in ABDL and kink places. Remember to stand up to book-burners and information-haters whenever and where-ever you find them.

This is the current list of downloadable articles on Adult Baby issues – all are in English, some are in French and a few are in Spanish:

The Drive for Authenticity in the Adult Baby        
The Baby-Diaper Equivalency Theorem               
The Incontinence Validation Hypothesis             
The Naturally Infantile Baby                                 
Binge and Purge: The ABDL Frustration            
Going 24/7: Embracing the Inner Baby for life  
Writing your own personal story                        
Henry Lyra’s story of growing up AB                   
Finding Balance between the AB and Adult        
ABDL – A study of an online community           
Folding a Kite Nappy