Jamie was a nightly bedwetter and when you lived in an orphanage, prospective parents didn’t choose bedwetters – at least not for long. Sick of wet sheets and nappies, Jamie was often returned back in disgrace and ‘traded in’ for a younger, dryer child. It was humiliating and devastating to his self-esteem.

He was the only older child allowed to remain in the orphanage, a product of his very short stature and obvious immaturity – and occasional wet pants. But at the age of eighteen, Jamie had finally been told he was leaving.

He had been…. CHOSEN.

But by whom… and why?

What would be his fate in the new extensive manor house. And he was after all, still a bedwetter!

31,000 words.

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Chosen (PDF): $A5.75


** And now, for our North American readers, this book has been released in a ‘diaper version’ replacing the words ‘nappies, mummy, dummy and cot’ with ‘diapers, mommy, pacifier and crib’. Chosen Child

chosen child

Chosen Child (PDF): $A5.75 [diaper version]


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What are people saying about this book?

** “A wonderful story. Slowly builds up to what everyone but Jamie knows what’s going to happen. Tender story, nothing mean at all. Wonder if there will be a sequel?
** “Loved this story of genuine mommy love for her permanent adult baby boy. It’s a nonsexual abdl story and so sweet. I recommend this read.”
** “I went through my teens as a bedwetter and I know the trauma. I know it was just fiction, but I simply adored the wonderful way he was taken in and accepted as a bedwetter and baby. I only wish!”
** “I am old enough to remember an orphanage and I too was a bedwetter. I was adopted, but my bedwetting remained and I understand the premise of the story. I only wish my outcome had been as loving and accepting. A must read.”
** “Anyone’s who’s been a bedwetter can feel for Jamie as I did. I rarely cry in books, but I did in this one.”
** “The black and white cover did it for me. It painted the squalid, hopeless nature of being an unwanted child.”


a good read