Fear and Joy: A life in and out of nappies

AB Discovery is pleased to publish  Ben Ingram from the UK, in his first book – Fear and Joy: A life in and out of nappies.

We all have a tale to tell about how we started wearing nappies (or diapers!) and each tale is different. There are varying themes, but there is the one consistent one that nappies ‘called to us’ when we were young and that attraction grew to become a ‘siren call’. We were helpless in the embrace of that cloth nappy or plastic disposable that for reasons we didn’t understand – and maybe never did – drew us to wear and wet them.

For some, it was part of wanting to be a baby again and for others, a response to extended bedwetting. For others still, it was just the nappy; just the feel of its comfort and security. As children, these feelings are tough to handle, never-mind understand. Adults don’t understand and most react badly… or worse.

This 60,000 word, illustrated book is the story of one UK boy growing up in the 70s and 80s as a late bedwetter whose attraction to nappies has remained to him up until this day.

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An illustration from the book.

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