Who Am I? – The Collection

The question of who we are as ABDLs is a big one and one not easily answered. And yet, it is THE question for us, just the same. While most people struggle with the question of who they are, ABDLs have to face the added complication of what AGE we are as well. The presence of regular regression and for many, the constant desire to wear diapers and have some baby objects all the time, just makes it harder.

We have nine books available that help you to answer elements of that enormous question. They approach it from psychology and also from relationships with others. Check them out and see if they can help you find some answers to the perennial question of…

Who am I?


abdl psychology Becoming Me The Adult Baby Identity The Adult Baby Identity
The Adult Babyb Identity The Adult Baby Identity Living Happily as an Adult Baby



If you wish to buy all nine (in PDF & EPUB format) they are available at the discounted price of just $48 – a saving of $20.

 ‘Who am I’ collection (PDF & EPUB): $48.00