In 2018 the Adult Baby is no longer a secret in society. ABs are well-known and form a part of the broad canvas of society and its infinite variations. But for many, being an Adult Baby is a hard road to travel, full of pitfalls, struggles and difficulty. And it is often just as difficult for partners and family. We know the struggles and understand the difficulties – as well as the joys of being a special ‘Little Person‘ at times. On this site, we offer our help and our expertise in helping you and yours understand and deal better with the regression that so often brings difficulty and sadness.

Take a look at the various booksdownloads and the Sessions on Discovery that could transform you and your relationships.  Check out the growing number of books we have available. We look forward to sharing your journey.

If you are an ABDL seeking assistance in getting your spouse/partner to understand and accept you then there are two books specifically for you: Coffee with Rosie and There’s still a baby in my bed!

An AB mommy speaks:

   “One thing about being a wife, mommy role.. it really has to be love.. real love. And if someone cannot handle it doesn’t mean they don’t love them. Most likely they don’t understand or know it’s not a life they could live.”
   “Everything has to be completely honest and open.. can’t lie or that’s just another check on the list against you.  She has to be able to completely trust.”
   “Don’t be offended if they are embarrassed about what others think.. It’s a normal reaction to something that is completely foreign to wife/girlfriend.”
   “Reassure her.. love her well. Treat her well. Try to understand from her point of view..”
   “What I like about it..Obviously nursing…Feeling close to you and knowing all of you, your secrets and vulnerability.”

Michael and Rosalie Bent

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