Have it your way!

What if you could buy a book all about you?

I know that the slogan ‘have it your way’ sounds more like a burger ad, but in the world of publishing you too can ‘have it your way’.

We try to cater to the varying needs of the ABDL community. Knowing how important key words are like ‘diaper’ vs ‘nappy’ or ‘pacifier’ vs ‘dummy’, we produce different versions of many of our novels. You are entitled to read a book that speaks to YOU about how YOU feel.

But there is always room for improvement and customisation. AB Discovery is now offering a full customisation service for its fiction books.

  • Would you like YOUR NAME to appear in the book instead of the current character? Would you like the mummy’s name to be someone you know? We can do that. What about other characters or locations?

  • Would you like plastic pants to be called ‘rubber pants’ or ‘pilchers’? We can do that.

  • Would you like an extra scene in the book or one to be customised to your wishes? We can do that.

  • Or would you like a short (or long!) story written by one of our authors to your specifications? We can do that. CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS

  • Even our book covers can be changed to accommodate your desires.

If you are interested in a book customised to your own needs, contact us for details on what can be done and a quote. Simple character name changes are easy (and cheap) while other more extensive changes are a bit more. But come to us with your heart’s desire and let’s see what we can do for you!

Rebecca and Alan wanted a story about him being chosen to be her baby. Here was the new cover.

One person has asked for a chapter in the Bedwetter’s Travel Guide to be about him as the main character.

Have a think about what YOU might want in a book about you, your diapers and the friends and partners you wish would be involved.

Email us at abdiscovery@adam.com.au for more details.