The Sissy Baby Collection


Within ABDL society, the Sissy Baby is a special and common feature. Straddling the gender divide as much as the age divide, the sissy baby deserves special recognition for the remarkable and powerful position they hold.

All of these books are about sissy babies. There are three true-story books – all about sissy babies and their early years. The rest are novels featuring our favourite adult babies. And one book is a how-to manual for those who live with these wondrous people.

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sissy baby
living with chrissie six misfits 1 six misfits 2 six misfits 3 australian baby me myself christine A Mothers Love
Richard moves to a pro-bedwetting home babies and bedwetters A boy becomes a baby girl fulltime baby Discover Sissy Babies and how to manage them! Chelsea finds her own Adult Baby

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Six Sissy Books that are still coming up…

Sissy Baby's Guide amandas secrets infant utopia princess Secret eociety of sissy babies baby baskervilles