My Secret Needs and Desires

An AB Discovery ‘After Dark’ Book

Our inner secret needs and desires can be bizarre and embarrassing and seemingly at odds with everyone else. And then you read about someone who likes the same inexplicably odd and even ‘dirty’ things that you do.

Martin Coster bring us two stories of the ‘heavier’ side of ABDL with bedwetting, dirty nappies, wearing of used diapers. spanking, sex and more.

1 – Sissy Baby Sonya has a very deep ‘need and desire’ that se wants to fulfill and only one person can do it for her. Dirty nappies abound… and more.

2 – Incontinent woman Alison discovers a surprising aspect of her mysterious neighbour after watching him steal her used diapers.

Definitely ABDL ‘out on the edge’

NOTES: contains extreme use of dirty nappies, wet beds and ‘toiletting’.

DUE January 2021

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