Bedtime Stories For Sissy Babies (Volume 2)

AB Discovery is pleased to be offering the second volume of short stories of sissy babies!

The adult baby world is full of sissy babies – men who want to be baby girls and to enjoy the wonders and excitement of being diapered – wearing pretty baby dresses and all the frills and lace of being a baby girl. Being an infant is a wonderful and thrilling experience.

A sissy baby herself, Christine brings us stories of adult babies who want to be more than just a baby. They want to be baby girls! A wonderful collection of stories written to bring out the baby girl in YOU!

Every night, before you go to sleep, read one of these stories and drift off to dreamworld imagining that you are once again… a baby girl.

Five Sissy Baby stories for your enjoyment!

  1. Experimental Variations
  2. Personalized Therapy
  3. Grandmas Nursery
  4. Going for an A
  5. Accidental Consequences

54,000 words.

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Bedtime Stories for Sissy Babies

Bedtime Stories for Sissy Babies – vol 2 (PDF & EPUB): $5.75

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