Me, Myself, Christine

Andrew Stephens takes us on the journey of his life, from confused childhood to traumatic teens and on to the years of adulthood – all of them while wanting to wear diapers and to be a baby girl.

We join with him as he discovers his inner infant, his inner girl and his inner identity, as he struggles to make life work for him, while the turmoil within causes tension and frustration. We meet Emily, the sissy baby just like him as they share part of the journey together.

It is the story of many of us who have lived this unusual desire and need on the journey towards happiness and satisfaction – a journey of many ups and downs and more than a few mistakes.

Andrew’s wonderful take on the ABDL Journey of Life will resonate with many.

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me myself christine

 Me, Myself, Christine (PDF & EPUB): $US4.25
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If you prefer your books with American terms such as diapers and pacifier instead of nappies and dummy then this version is also available – Discovering Baby Christine.

Discovering Baby Christine (PDF & EPUB): $US4.25
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The Complete Works of Andrew Stephens

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What are people saying about this book?

** “A true story of a nappy loving secret baby girl is overwhelmed when Andrew/Christine found Chris/Emily who is also, deep down a baby girl who loves nappies too! It becomes a life long love affair, even though in the end they had different relationships. 
** “This book made me cry at the end and I was enamored by the story all the way through.”
** “wonderfully written and deeply moving. it was for me the story I wish I had instead of growing up solitary and confused”