Home Detention – the making of a baby

Jordan Airesdale has been given twelve months home detention for breaking and entering. His angry – and concerned – mother and sister have bought a new bigger home in the country where her wayward child would rediscover discipline and parenting in a new way – wearing nappies.

Desperate times require desperate measures. Did the book “Saving My Son” hold the clues and guidelines for taking her broken son and fixing him again?

And the old nursery in the new house? Was that just incidental or a harbinger of things to come?

Read on and see…

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home detention

 Home Detention: the making of a baby (PDF): $US5.25

Also available at

** And now, for our North American readers, this book has been released in a ‘diaper version’ replacing the words ‘nappies, mummy, dummy and cot’ with ‘diapers, mommy, pacifier and crib’. Diapered at Home

Diapered at Home: the making of a baby (PDF): $US5.25

Also available at

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The Complete Works of Rosalie and Michael Bent

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What are people saying about this book?

** “I was very surprised and enjoyed the book and it was well written and had great character development as well.”
** “It was nice to see LGBT and in particular, transgender treated compassionately within the ABDL context. It felt real and I could imagine it happening.”
** “Really enjoyed. It was one of those stories you know is unlikely, but the author painted it as credible and believable. So much AB fiction really doesnt do that well.”
** “When I reach the end I wanted to see if there was a follow-up… THERE ISNT! I hope some day the author follows up the story because I feel invested in it.”
** “I was a teenage bedwetter. I related instantly to the main character and while I was never in court, I perhaps should have been! Great book.”
** “Is Saving my Son/Daughter a book that is available or likely to be written? I can see that being very interesting indeed!”
** “I was very surprised and enjoyed the book and it was well written and had great character development as well”
** “I liked that she was able to change him into a baby”