Australian Baby: a life of nappies, bottles and struggles

AB Discovery is pleased to publish a new author – John Marshall from Australia – in his first book – Australian Baby – A life of nappies, bottles and struggles

John Marshall was born in 1961 in Australia. This 40,000 word book is the story of his early life through to university, as he struggled as a life-long bedwetter and his desire to become a baby girl. Through nappies, baby dummies and feeding bottles, John’s struggle will resonate with many whose infantile desires began early and never ceased.

Finding himself in a world that expected men to be men and boys to be boys, John Marshall fought to be the baby girl he felt inwardly, while still having a rewarding school life and finally, professional career.

John is an adult baby – a sissy baby, but before that, he was a five-year-old boy wearing nappies and going to school, trying to find who he – or she – was.

Long term bedwetters, ABDLs and those who simply feel unsure of their identity will relate to this story of growing up babyish, girlish and bedwetting.

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Australian Baby – A life of nappies, bottles and struggles

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What are people saying about this book?

** “I loved this book! Some of what the author writes about is true in my own story growing up. It’s pure joy to read about the struggles he had but ended with the greatest support from family. Just a pleasure to read! 
** “One of the very best AND books I’ve read thus far! This is exactly what I dig….I only wish it could have been me!”
** “As a wannabe author myself, I loved Johns writing style and the empathetic manner in which he described his at-time tortured childhood. Not from his family, but from his own nature of being a dual person, baby and girl inside a boy and teenager. I relate in part because I too walked that journey, but not with the poise and support of my family. I simply loved this book.”
** “Oh that this book was the story of my life. I’ve read it time and time again hoping that somehow it could be mine. BEST BOOK I’ve read in a long time.”