The Institute For Enuresis Treatment – Electric Diapers

An AB Discovery ‘After Dark’ Book

Chris is an 18yo chronic bedwetter who doesn’t care much about the nightly soaking sheets. Nor does Jessica, another girl he met at Bedwetter Camp. But their parents DO care and they end up at the secretive Institute For Enuresis Treatment. The Institute only takes the worst of the worst – teenagers and young adults who flood their beds every night and their treatment system is 99% effective. Their secret is…

Electrified diapers.

Not the commercial devices with very light shocks that are barely felt. These diapers deliver punishment shocks and they are stunningly effective on even the most recalcitrant bedwetter.

Definitely ABDL ‘out on the edge’

NOTES: contains extreme use of electrified diapers, wet beds, humiliation and discipline.

DUE January 2021

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