Dylan Lewis

Dylan Lewis is the author of ‘The Adult Baby Identity’ self help books.  He is an Australian man in his 50s who struggled for decades before accepting his identity and coming out as AB in recent years.  His child persona is a delightful baby girl, Chrissie. For Dylan, being AB is a liberating and redeeming minority personal identity. He hopes in his lifetime it will be accepted as such. Dylan believes ABDLs show inspirational courage in keeping faith with their inner child and True Self. The most important things in Dylan’s life are his wife – the love of his life, his non-denominational Christian faith, being AB, a passion for history, a love of writing, and his career serving the public good – from which he is now retired.

Living with Chrissie

Becoming Me: The Journey of Self-acceptance

The Adult Baby Identity – Coming out as an AB

The Adult Baby Identity – Healing Childhood Wounds

The Adult Baby Identity – a Self-help Guide

The Six Misfits

The Six Misfits – a man and his dog

The Six Misfits – the seventh misfit