Six Misfits

‘Six Misfits is a new 35,000 word novel by Dylan Lewis, author of “Living with Chrissie”

Six teenagers – all misfits from society – are taken to a country camp as part of their Group Therapy. Daria is an angry Indian Lesbian, Steven – a gay Aboriginal, Lily – an Asian transgender girl, Chloe – an obsessive Lolita Cosplay addict, Martha – rejected by her Exclusive Brethren family and finally, Dylan, a Teen Baby.

Together, these six misfits from society with identity issues come together on a camp none of them wanted to go on.

And there the adventure – and discovery – begins…

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The Six Misfits

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What are people saying about this book?

** “The intent of a four day foray for a Campout turns out to be the best thing that happened a group of teenagers struggling with their coming out to each other in a very supportive and successful way that the social worker found to be uplifting. The end result was to promise to the group to be in each other’s lives for good! 
** “Sometimes you just want to read something a bit different. No sex, no violence, just a good adventure story and this was it. The LGBT theme didn’t overwhelm but was just another aspect to a modern day young adult adventure story.”


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