Sex, Psychology and ABDLs

Dylan Lewis delivers yet another stunning psychology book about the nature of Adult Babies

Sex. One of the most mysterious words in the entire English language. And in any language, sex remains that mysterious aspect of life that we all want, enjoy, fear and misunderstand. Its power is enormous, able to move powerful men and women sometimes with a mere surge of hormones. It is both the cement of relationships and the destroyer of lives.

We all feel it. We all desire it and yet, we understand it poorly. We can disrespect and misuse it. We can allow endless masses of porn to destroy the truth of sexual intimacy. And if that wasn’t a big enough morass of confusion mixed with delight, you add the complication of being adult babies into the mix… and understanding is even further away.

Being an adult baby is both deeply confusing and at times overpowering – all in its own right. We do not need the additional layer of confusion that sexuality brings to it. But it is here just the same, regardless of how we feel about it.

Believing that you are – in a subjectively real way – still in part, a baby is at odds with the post-pubescent experience of sexual arousal, engagement and climax. How can we be babies and toddlers and still be fully sexual beings? And how do we combine the two without torturing ourselves by the fear of being inappropriate? Many have asked that question and struggled with the dual aspects of who we are – adult and infant.

Dylan Lewis begins a deep and detailed analysis of sex and adult babies. He answers some of the complex and confusing aspects of sexual behaviour we experience while still wearing diapers, baby clothes and sucking a dummy.

This book has the power to answer academic questions but also to relieve us of the burdens and fears that our dual natures often impose on us. Read and discover the truth of being a sexual being AND an Adult Baby.

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