The Adult Baby – an identity on the dissociation spectrum

AB Discovery is pleased to publish the pinnacle book from acclaimed author, Dylan Lewis:

“The Adult Baby – an identity on the dissociation spectrum”

Dylan Lewis, in conjunction with Dax Jordan, has put together a lengthy and substantive book that addresses the crucial elements of the Adult Baby identity – a question that plagues us all.

The author makes a well-researched and brilliantly written case that the core of the Adult Baby Identity is one that fits on the dissociation spectrum. It may be a long way from the Dissociative Identity Disorder we know much about, but it is still on that spectrum, if at the other end of it.

If you are an adult baby or you live with one, this is THE book that will clue you in to who you are, how you behave and why you do what you do.

A 65,000 word meticulously researched book that belongs on the bookshelves of every AB, every partner of an AB and every therapist tasked with helping an AB find the balance and understanding they so desperately crave.

One of the best books on the topic ever written.

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The Adult Baby – an identity on the dissociation spectrum  (AUDIOBOOK) – $US6.25

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What are people saying about this book?

** “This book presents an idea that I had never before considered, but that instantly rang true — the idea that the Little me (I am an AB) is a distinctly recognizable person within my psyche, rather than a state of mind (Little space) that I can sometimes achieve (like Buddhist meditation) when I am in the mood and am surrounded by all the right AB paraphernalia. By giving my Little alter (he is a 4-and-under preschooler) his own real estate within my mind, I find myself engaging him throughout the day, even when I have to be a Big professional adult. I am discovering that he has a charming and engaging personality. However, as the author points out, unlike Dissociative Identity Disorder, my Little and I are co-conscious all the time, and I am always in control when needed. I do let my Little out sometimes to play, which looks exactly like being in “Little space” as previously described.

This book is more than just one person’s opinion. The author makes extensive reference to the DSM V, and other legitimate published psychological studies and expert opinion. He addresses controversies in diagnosing and treating people with DID as well as ABs, which he classifies under OSDD (Other Specified Dissociative Disorder). It reads like a professional psychiatric publication (although the author admits to no professional psychiatric training). It is academic and well researched.

I would strongly recommend this book to both ABs and mental health professionals working with them. The author makes a STRONG case against the often accepted theories of fetishism and paraphilia. And, if you are an AB like myself, it is worth considering the functional relationship between your Big self and your Little side. For me, it made sense to give him his own space and make him his own person (this is not merely recognizing one’s “inner child” as the author also explains).

My only disagreement with the Author as well as other AB theorists, is that I don’t think childhood trauma is an absolute necessity. I think childhood trauma is overwhelmingly common among ABs, but for some small number of us, it is just not there. For myself, this decision is a rational one not forced on me by some early childhood trauma, but rather springing from an exceptionally good childhood that I wish to preserve. The only trauma (if you can call it that) was growing up and leaving that world behind.” 

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