The Adult Baby Identity – A Self-Help Guide

Dylan Lewis’ fourth book of the Adult Baby Identity quadrilogy: a self-help guide.

Knowing who we are as individuals is the most important journey in our lives and for many, it is the most difficult one. Even for people we call ‘vanilla’, with no apparent kinks and oddities, it is a herculean task. But when you are an Adult Baby, it is a vastly more complex mission. Add being sissy to the mix and we are already pushing up hill and failing miserably.

But if we don’t know who we are, we act as if we are someone we are not. We try to create a personality not fully our own. We create masks and in doing so, we create problems for ourselves and others around us.

This is the true value of books like this and others along the same vein. ABDL is not like other identity problems. It is unique, different and requires a perspective all of its own. It is not about gender – although gender issues can be involved. It is not about sexual preference – although that can be involved as well. It is primarily about age, and being powerfully driven back to a time of life most have left behind and yet, we still literally inhabit.

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The Adult Baby Identity: a self-help guide

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