The Bedwetter’s Travel Guide

Forrest Grant’s epic first book – the Joy of Bedwetting – introduced us to Forrest’s world. Now we learn a little bit more about the man and his bedwetting interests with his third fictional outing.

Forrest Grant received a mysterious travel guide in the mail called The Bedwetters Travel Guide. It was a listing of all the world’s destinations that have bedwetter-positive accommodation places. It lists private homes, B&Bs, hotels and more, all places where a wet bed is accepted and even promoted. A place where just because a bed is wet is not necessarily a reason to immediately launder it.

Forrest takes us on his journey through the weird, the wonderful and the always-wet locations where his bedwetting is not a limitation. He wets the bed wherever he goes and finally, there is nothing to hide. Follow his journey around the world as he goes to six very different places where his wet bed is accepted and appreciated. An erotic story that will appeal to many.

The Bedwetter’s Travel Guide – where you can go and sleep diaperless and unconcerned!

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The Bedwetter’s Travel Guide (PDF & EPUB) – $US5.25
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NB. At some sites, this book is titled ‘A Travel Guide for Global Bedwetters’

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