There’s still a baby in my bed!

“There’s still a baby in my bed!” is the second expanded and updated edition of the ground-breaking 114,000 word book designed to help couples find a way to integrate the Regressive Adult Baby into their relationship. It is the ideal companion volume to the Discovery Sessions available also on this site.

Is your partner and Adult baby? Do you find diapers hidden in odd places and don”t know why? Does your spouse want to play with children’s toys or dress in baby clothes? These and other such questions are all answered in the second edition and expanded version of Rosalie Bent’s breakthrough book: There’s a baby in my bed!

For everyone concerned, either being an adult baby or living with one can be exceedingly difficult. There are multiple pitfalls, difficulties all of which are compounded by the virtual absence of any factual experienced information on the topic. This second edition adds nearly 100 new pages and the wisdom and knowledge of the wold’s leading researchers into Adult Baby issues – Rosalie and Michel Bent.

Offering more than facts and figures, this book lays out a pathway for developing the most unique relationship that any couple can have – the ‘Parent/Child Relationship’

Come on the journey of a lifetime and discover how to handle the baby that is still in your bed!

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Feedback on the book.

“There’s a Baby in my Bed” helped to convince my wife to adopting this lifestyle.  I now get to be her Baby 18/5 and 24/2. Meaning If I am not at work I am in diapers.  This Poem (click here)  kind of describes the place where I was.  I remember looking in the mirror each day and thinking this is not my true self.

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