Adult Babies: Psychology and Practices

The world of the Adult Baby can appear bizarre and incomprehensible to many from the outside looking in. Even to Adult Babies themselves the powerful drives and confusing needs can be a struggle to manage. In the Bent’s second major work on the topic, this book dissects the psychological structure of Adult Infantile Regression and seeks to answer many of the seemingly unanswerable questions such as ‘why are people attracted to diapers?’, ‘where did this all come from’ and ‘what do I do about this?’ Discover more at

This book is designed not just for Adult Babies themselves, but also family, friends, partners and therapists who want to simply understand what is going on.

There is a lot more to Adult Babies than diapers and pacifiers. Read this book to learn more!

It answers many of the questions that plague both ABs themselves and the people they deal with – family, friends and partners. It is also highly suitable for therapists seeking a broader and more detailed dissection of the Adult Baby drives, needs and practices.

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