Coffee with Rosie…

“Coffee with Rosie: why does my partner want to wear diapers?” is a new style of book designed for the partners of Adult Babies and Diaper Lovers.

Written in conversational style, it is written specifically for the non-ABDL partner. However, ABDLs themselves could learn a great deal about why their partner reacts the way they do, by reading how one woman – Rosalie Bent – travelled the path from total opposition, to becoming a ‘parent’ of an cup

If you want to help improve the understanding of ABDL within your relationship, this is the perfect first step. It is short enough and simple enough to not intimidate someone who wants to understand.

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Coffee with Rosie (PDF, EPUB & MOBI): $4.90


Coffee with Rosie (AUDIOBOOK): $4.90

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What are people saying about this book?

** “Really awesome book for anyone wanting a mildly detailed explanation for why their friend or loved one is an AB/DL. And a fun read if you are one or curious about it. Really enjoyed reading it, along with the other books Ms. Bent and husband/friends have released.
** “Very well written and helpful. Last section is particularly informative and well laid out. Spouses or significant others will find valuable information to use.”
** “I loved the way you presented it as a conversation. My wife is tolerant, but never has tried to fully understand the psychology of what I deal with. I will share this with her today. Thank you!”
** “Great informational read, very informative and not lacking hard questions. I find it extremely insightful and relatively optimistic. Well executed.”
** “I just discovered your new book. I see myself so much in all that! It’s a great refresher to better understand even myself and our world. I read it twice already! Love the idea of going slowly, one question at a time, one day at a time, over a nice warm coffee! It’s simple, direct to the point with answers to most common questions our love one has or should have. It’s a great tool, or “strange” gift to offer our significant other, which I’ll do.”
** “wonderful book! love the format – one woman talking to another over coffee. brilliant at explaining difficult stuff. we need more books like this.”

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