Forrest Grant

Forrest Grant is a life-long bedwetter who lives in the UK, but in years past, has lived in several other countries as well. Growing up without the advantages of dry sheets, Forrest has developed a powerful interest in bedwetting and maintaining a positive attitude about it. A wearer of day nappies, he sheds them for night-time to relax in his own personal ‘Brer Rabbit’s Briar Patch.”

An Adult Baby as well as a bedwetter, Forrest enjoys writing and reading and enjoys a marriage of 20+ years. They share separate beds – one dry, one wet!

Forrest has written three books to date with two more still to come. He has also collected (and continues to update) the Wet Bed Collection.

The Joy of Bedwetting

Overlapping Stains – A Bedwetting Novel
& The Undiapered Bedwetter

The Babies and Bedwetters of Baker St
& Diapers, Bedwetters and Babies

The Secret Society of Sissy Babies

Growing up a Bedwetter

The Bedwetter’s Travel Guide

The Complete Works of Forrest Grant

Living the dream and wetting the bed Richard moves to a pro-bedwetting home Diaper version of Overlapping Stains Second book in Overlapping Stains Trilogy Diaper version of Babies and Bedwetters Downloadable collection of 4300+ wet beds Where real sissy babies live and play - in secret Forrest's life as a heavy bedwetter Travelling the world one wet bed at a time