Growing up a bedwetter

Forrest Grant’s epic first book – the Joy of Bedwetting – introduced us to Forrest’s unusual world of personal bedwetting and his refreshing viewpoint on it. In this followup book, Forrest tells us about growing up as a bedwetter from preschool to preteen, to teenager and then adult, and how his heavy wetting was of no concern to him, unlike those around him. It tells of meeting other bedwetters and being a teenager still with nightly soaked sheets while most around him – but not all – did not.

Nappies, pacifiers abound, but more so are the wet beds, the stained mattresses and the openness about something most of us hide. Forrest is a confirmed Adult Baby, but at night while the rest of use don our diapers, Forrest sleeps unprotected, finding comfort in his own wet bed.

Forrest gets a real joy out of wetting his bed and his refreshing attitude to it is something you will enjoy.

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