If you could escape to another world: a world of spectacular beauty, a world without danger or war; would you do it?

What if it was as simple as putting on a virtual reality headset?  13-year-old Daryn Dixon finds such a world hidden in a virtual reality game called Aeviternity. Considering his own world is one of gang violence and inner-city poverty, the decision to escape would seem like a no-brainer.

There is a catch.

In Aeviternity, Daryn doesn’t acquire magical powers or super strength.  In Aeviternity, he is a toddler wearing only a diaper.  Now would you go?  At first his answer is no.  Later, as Daryn makes friends and encounters caregivers who love him, his answer turns to yes.  Daryn thinks he can be happy in Aeviternity, on a planet called Parvulis, forever.

Then something goes terribly wrong.  When those intent on its destruction enter Parvulis, Daryn must find a way to defend an essentially defenseless world populated by babies and their gentle caretakers.

76,000 words


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