Tiger Cav

War is hell and no less so for the tigers of Tiger Cav – “Death from the sky!” In a seemingly endless war, Lt Todd Stalk is assigned a covert mission flying his heavily armed attack helicopter into neutral territory to search for three lost choppers from Bravo Squadron.

Naturally, everything goes wrong and the four-tiger crew discovers that an astonishing and inexplicable force is somehow operating that affects them the moment their helicopter touches down in neutral territory.

They become younger. And the further in they go, the younger they become.

It is a bloody and violent tale – as war inevitably is – but within is a story of heroism, of lives lost and lives regained all in the midst of returning childhood. War ends many lives, but it also begins many and for a select few, they get to begin their lives… once again.

A furry tale of bravery and regression…

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