Max, The Diapered Zombie and Werewolf Killer

Barry Oliver brings us his followup to the Halloween-inspired ‘Max, The Diapered Zombie Killer’.

This time, Max is facing off against Werewolves, so strap on your thickest diapers and get ready for adventure!Max is still traumatised by his battle with Zombies and along with other survivors of the attack is trying to find a new life. He is becoming more and more dependant on diapers as his fears begin to envelop him and then…

The werewolves appear.

This is a scary, diaper-soaking adventure from a brilliant storyteller and writer. You will not be disappointed and you MUST be wearing diapers when reading this book or its preceding one. You will need them!

And best of all… there is a third book in the works when Max once again faces off against…


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Max, The Diapered Zombie & Werewolf Killer (PDF, EPUB & MOBI): $US5.50

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