From Boy to Sissy Baby

The sissy baby is a very common and wonderful part of the wide ABDL landscape. A boy/man that wants diapers for sure, but also panties and perhaps a bra. They want baby clothes like we all do, but mainly baby girl dresses – frilly bonnets, pink outfits, a pink pacifier, dolls to play with, and a feminine crib and nursery.

This collection of four wonderful books is all about that. About boys who want to be sissy baby girls, even if they don’t know that at the beginning. These are not erotic tales of sissy sex or sizzling adventures into sissyhood. Rather, they are stories of how real-life sissy babies appear and develop and the people/family around them that embrace and enhance their lives.

You will love these wonderful books and the characters you will meet as they discover and realise their true identity as a Sissy Baby Girl.

The book titles are:

A Mother’s Love
Home Detention
The Book Club Baby
Where Big Babies Live

167,000 words

NOTE: these are all the original versions and two use the word ‘nappies’ and the other two uses ‘diapers’.

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