The Book Club Baby

In an affluent suburb of Los Angeles, five rich young women meet for their regular Book Club. Far too wealthy to be concerned by plebeian needs such as having jobs, they share their lives and their hopes and dreams over discussing the latest book… and more than a little wine.

Then one day, one of them suggests a new book – The Baby of the Baskervilles – a story of a couple who have a baby girl living with them who is neither a baby nor a girl. She is an adult baby, dressed and trained to be an infant.

To most of them, it is nothing more than a weird and odd story of the type they love to discuss. In a world of wealth, extravagance and having whatever she wants, one thing has eluded three-times-married Chelsea – a baby. The idea of an adult baby like from the book unexpectedly appeals to her. No childbirth, no dealing with the teenage nightmare and a constant presence that desperately needs her, unlike any man she has ever met. And if that baby girl she craved happened to have a penis, so what? Babies were sexless anyhow!

Chelsea had the money, the house, the time and the desire to have a baby, finally. And her Book Club friends would be the support and helpers she would need. But how do you find someone willing to give up their adult life in return for diapers, cribs, bottle-feeding, baby clothes and toys?

A stunning debut novel from Madeline Wood.

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The Book Club Baby (PDF & EPUB) – $US5.25
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If you prefer your books to use British terms such as nappy and dummy rather than diaper or pacifier, this book also comes in a ‘nappy version’. Chelsea’s Baby Hunt

Chelsea’s Baby Hunt (PDF & EPUB) – $US5.25
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What are people saying about this book?

** “I approached this book by a new author with trepidation and low expectations. I was delighted to be totally wrong. Madeline Wood is a great writer with a realistic and entertaining approach to the parent/AB child genre.”
** “If the author is looking for another AB for her home I am willing to offer myself!”
** “A compassionate and insightful story of wanting to have a child when you can’t have one normally. If AB adoption was always this sweet and tender, maybe more women would go for it.”


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