Where Big Babies Live

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In a city somewhere exists a gated community for the very unique – a place where ‘special’ babies live, breathe, go to school, learn and escape the pressures of their unique identity. A community for those whose baby needs will not be hidden nor dismissed.

Adults, teenagers and children – all babies on the inside – have special needs and are not accepted by the community at large. Learning to be a baby in an adult world is hard and for many, impossible. Some don’t make it through, but there is a place for the few where the baby inside can also be the baby outside and the adult life that must invariably be ultimately traversed, becomes easier after time spent…

Where Big Babies Live

Sanctuary for the babies in so many of us is here. Now.

Come and read about four young people and their parents and how they came to a place of safety and adventure… in diapers.

** Originally published as City of Dreams

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